• a username that pertains to the celebrity you intend to play. birth names and stage names are welcomed if common! please do not include numbers or symbols in your journal.
  • ensure your journal is empty when applying.
  • when applying please have a friends only available for existing members to comment to welcome you, but we ask that you lock that post to your friends list after you are accepted. please include a screened post for ooc comments.
  • your friends list must always be visible for us to moderate your activity.
  • if using wire we also require that you use an account name that pertains to your character, without numbers and any mention of "role play".
  • we do require an example. an update, or effort posts you have made. around 200 words is fine! if you do not have one, please contact us. this is also applicable to challenges.
  • verified lesser known models or youtube personalities are welcomed. however, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18.
  • future date your friends only and screened contact post before applying so they appear at the top of your journal for easier access to other members.
  • we will not explain to applicants why they were rejected.


  • prior to applying please make sure that you check the taken list to determine if your role is available, you may use the screened post to ask if a member is available for override if you're unsure. this is what we ask of our members:
  • you will be required to post your intro to ~controlcenter within 48 hours. failure to do so will have you removed from our community. this also applies to members that re-apply.
  • we ask that you update every three weeks from the date you are accepted. these are effort posts and we require no less than 200 words (or thereabouts!). be creative! we welcome posts with moodboards and hovers with descriptions. that said, we do also understand that sometimes life takes precedence and are willing to to be lenient if you are having issues. please contact us.
  • we do not consider posts of memes or graphics with no text to be a substantial post and will not be included toward points. you will still be due to update at the same time.
  • hiatuses and extensions are available. we are simply here to accomodate your needs and provide you with a place to enjoy yourself. to discuss this, feel free to contact us! i promise, we don't bite.
  • it is mandatory that you post on the friends page. a points system will be implemented at some stage. post as much as you like, be active, have people involved. we love to see an inbox of comments just as much as the next person.
  • overrides will be available. if a member doesn't post an intro within the time asked of them, they will be removed. we will be tracking outdated friends lists, posts that haven't had a greater percentage of replies to by the poster, and of course general activity. we ask that you please don't advertise for a character if they are still within the community and have not announced their leaving.
  • if your due date falls on a day of applications/removals you must either update before that time or ask for an extension before they are processed.


  • we expect all of our members to be active on the the friends page! reaching out to other members to make them feel welcome and building friendships is very important. what we are hoping to avoid are members who will post the bare minimum so as to hold their place. if you see any member that you think is eligible for an override, feel free to contact this to discuss it further.
  • all overrides are on a case by case basis, and decided for the following reasons: the character isn't active on the friends page, if their friends list is not up to date, and their activity in the posts of others. we monitor this activity as closely as possible.
  • if an existing member updates after an override has been approved, it will still stand.
  • we don't tolerate role hogging, but unfortunately it does often take place. if you are removed for not updating on time and reapply but not have been visible on the friends page at all in between update periods, you are not guaranteed your spot in the event of a challenge.
  • please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!


  • the common courtesies. please do not plagiarize. do not godmod, do not blur ooc with ic. do not bully. we're all here to have a wonderful time. one thing we do ask of our members is:
  • if you happen to experience bullying in any capacity, please handle it accordingly. we do not want to see members excluding each other. we ask that if something is to occur that you handle it as best to your ability. we don't tolerate snarky or passive comments, cliques, and general dislike in numbers. we live by the motto: if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it.
  • that said, if any of the above does happen and you are concerned, contact us immediately and please let us know the circumstances. screen caps will need to be required at the time, if you do have them.
  • under no circumstances do we allow comm journals to be used as psls at the same time. nor do we allow members to have usernames of journals that do not belong to our community in their friendslist, or having irrelevant journals in friends only graphics.
  • there will be an unmoderated group chat. we encourage all to take part and interject where they feel comfortable. we are not forcing you to dive in the deep end. but there will be the option to leave the chat at any time. we understand, sometimes you do need a break, often your devices can't keep up with the chatter. if you are to leave the chat unexpectedly, we understand. we want to make this clear to every member. we also want to state that if someone does leave a chat, to not take offence or feel uncomfortable. a member can be added back into the chat when they please. ask someone to add you back in, mute it, use the medium to fit you!
  • this is on a trial basis. smaller group chats are accepted, but not to be kept private. anyone is welcome, we are not going to encourage or tolerate members being left out. we ask that you please keep your smaller chats to no more than four or five people at a time. if we see considerable issues, we will revisit this and likely do without group chats of all nature.
  • our alternative to this would be members posting on the fp about app use (, netflix party, plato). share it in the group chat, work out a time in which people can join you.

point system:

  • as per our rules you are required to post a substantial post every three weeks. this will determine your activity and show us your interest here. get creative with html, and if you need inspiration or coding, we will happily provide examples for you to tweak. this is what we ask of our members as far as activity to accumulate points for an opt-out or a pass to be utilized in your substantial updates:
  • . for an opt out, please post to sub comms at least three times within the three weeks between your updates to be entitled.
  • to achieve the above we ask that you reply to a larger number of these comments to get to know a wider range of members.
  • please send us a direct link to these posts or comment threads.
  • please send us a direct link to these posts or comment threads.
  • an opt out can be used in place of an update, but only after a substantial update.
  • at this stage, 100 points will earn you an update pass to use at your leisure. this point count is on a trial basis and we reserve the right to change the point count at any time. we do require that you use it in between substantial updates, but can be used after an opt out. to accumulate your points, please link us directly to your comments and/or posts. points:
  • 2 points for posting to ~rps (will only earn points once per day).
  • 2 points for commenting a new member's friends only post within a week of their arrival.
  • 2 points any time you post in either of the subcommunities, including your introduction, as long as you reply to at least half of your comments.
  • 1 point for commenting another member's post in either of the subcommunities (earn one extra point by continuing the thread!)
  • 1 point for commenting another member's update (earn one extra point by continuing the thread!)

  • we do know that some members are currently busy and we understand. but we'd appreciate that communication so as to not remove anyone. however, if you are removed for not updating, or missing an activity check, your points will only remain in place until the next set of adds. if you ask to be removed from the community, your points will be removed.
  • opt-outs can be used between two substantial updates, but not consecutively.

rules updated on: 11/29/2019